Debbie Lockie & Marcella Jennings (Best Friends for 24 years)

 What a great workshop– Thanks, Debbie Lockie! Your “Happiness Project” is a joy and gift to the world. We really loved Sunday’s workshop!”
~ Marcella Jennings, graphic designer
Attended Body Expression through Color- 3-11-12

“My final work! I’m proud of it. Because of what it means! I’m also proud I was able to express how I was feeling through art. I often will run, or workout, or just work. But this was a very new way to feel.”

-Angela Parker, Fitness Guru, body inspired fitness
Attended Releasing Stress through Art – 12-4-11
Read Angela’s blog on her entire documented experience…love it!! 




“I HIGHLY recommend this workshop! You get to express yourself with color, check in with your feelings, AND take home several gorgeous, meaningful paintings! An afternoon well-spent.”
~ Marcella Jennings
Attended Releasing Stress
through Art – 12-4-11


“Great Blog! Its so exciting to see my “Spinning Plates” painting online! This was my favorite exercise of all the workshops I’ve been to. I got out some aggression, saw where I should prioritize the many plates in my life, and felt some real relief after expressing myself through the painting. Your workshops are AWESOME! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to do something creative, liberating, relaxing and fun!”
~ Marcella Jennings, graphic designer
Attended Releasing Stress through Art – 12-4-11
Read entire blog on spinning plates


“I had a great time letting loose with the paints and tools.”
~Darra Brakefield, interior designer
Attended Releasing Stress through Art – 12-4-11


I love my client Debbie’s passion for art! She’s sharing her favorite medium – painting –
at workshops in Santa Monica. All you need to do is reserve a spot and she supplies the creative cues, paint and all your supplies. Pre-RSVP on her page – the workshops
fill up fast!
~Erin Haslag, wellness coach (wellinla.com)

Thanks for being a part of an expressive exchange!
~Debbie Lockie