Expressive Exchange Workshops

Expressive Exchange workshops are designed for you to express your feelings using the language of color through acrylic paint on canvas. The focus of the workshops are to encourage you to explore untapped areas of creativity and learn how to process positive and negative emotions with art. The exercises are designed to inspire creative expression and self-awareness.

An Expressive Exchange workshop is a chance for you to unplug for awhile. These customized workshops are designed to guide you through 3 to 4 paintings that are purely free form expressions of art. All paintings are guided by me, your Certified Art for Healing Facilitator. Expect warm-up paintings, a signature painting with discussion and reflection on the painting and the process.

No art experience is required!

Just come with an open mind and be ready for a new experience.

What’s different about these art workshops is there are no paint brushes. We use magic sponges (they really are makeup sponges but they do make magic) and Q-tips. All non-intimidating art tools. They’re fun and easy to use. You can really get creative with them. We also don’t try to teach you any specific style. You use acrylic paint on canvas in a guided exercise but expressing yourself however you please. You can even use your fingers if you prefer.

An Expressive Exchange workshop provides a safe, inspiring place to express your feelings, allowing you to choose whether or not you want to share those insights with the group. There is no pressure to share, but most my artists find that by vocalizing their thoughts helps them further understand the process they experienced, as well as a positive feeling of validation. There are no right or wrong feelings, and there is zero judgement on the paintings. They are pure artistic expressions of your feelings.

Check out our testimonials page to read what other people are saying about Expressive Exchange workshops – it gives me great joy to know that my clients love this experience as much as I love teaching it!

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