What is expressive exchange?

People ask “What is expressive exchange?”
Here’s what I can tell you about expressive exchange….

Expressive Exchange facilitates workshops that allows you to express yourself through the medium of art. Expressing yourself through the art for healing method. This is not art therapy, but it is an enlightening way to play with paint.

An enlightening way to play with paint is key to expressive exchange workshops.

A 3-hour workshop where you can let go of your every day responsibilities and just be free to express yourself in a new way.

The workshops are designed for participants to express their feelings using the language of color through acrylic paint on canvas. The focus of the workshop is to encourage participants to explore untapped areas of creativity and learn how to process positive and negative emotions with art. Especially designed to inspire creative expression and self awareness.


Just come with an open mind and be ready for new experience.


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