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January 08, 2012


I’m a firm believer that color evokes emotion…happiness, sadness, anger, hope & peace, to name a few. And every color can mean something different to each individual. 

There are some common associations and know responses to color.*

RED = It’s nature symbol is the earth, defined often by it’s qualities of high energy and passion. Studies shown that red has the ability to excite and raise blood pressure. 

YELLOW = It’s nature symbol is the sun, defined often by its qualities of optimism, clarity and intellect. Bright yellow is often noted for mood enhancing.

BLUE = It’s nature symbol is the sky and the ocean, defined often by its qualities of relaxation, serenity and loyalty. It is know to lower blood pressure. Blue is excellent as a healing color for nervous disorders; and due to its temperature being cool, it is also good for relieving headaches, bleeding, open wounds, etc.

VIOLET = Its nature symbol is the violet flower, defined often by its qualities of spirituality. Violet is also a stress-reducer and will create feeling of inner calm.

ORANGE = It’s nature symbol is the sunset, defined often by its qualities of emotion, expression, and warmth. Orange is noted for its ability to encourage verbal expression of emotions.

GREEN = It’s nature symbol is growth – grass and trees, defined often by its qualities of nurturing, healing, and unconditional love. Because it is the opposite on the visual spectrum to red, it is often thought of as a healer of blood.

Now there are many theories if black & white are colors. In my book they are colors. There are paint tubes of black and white so they are colors. In Expressive Exchange workshops you always have to fill the entire canvas, even if you fill it with white. They are colors that are often used for mixing to create other colors. Black are white are the 2 paint tubes that run out first in almost every workshop.

BLACK = Is a strong & powerful color. It can represent positive and negative energy.

WHITE = Often associated with being pure, clean and can represent peace.

Expressive Exchange workshops give you a chance to find out what colors you are drawn to, to express your individual emotions. Simply putting paint on canvas while being guided by an art for healing facilitator. You get to create your own personal color wheel. 

The next workshop is Sunday, January 29th: Self Expression through Color

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Just come with an open mind and be ready for a new experience!

*”The Power of Color: Creating Healthy Interior Spaces” 
©1995 Sara Mayberry and Laurie Zagon

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