Spinning Plates

“Spinning Plates” paintings from Expressive Exchange workshop 12.4.11

We all have plates in our life that we are spinning. Sometimes we can handle them, sometimes it’s a balancing act and sometimes we just want to drop them. 

“Spinning Plates” is of of the many exercises you can do an Expressive Exchange workshop. This exerise gives you a chance to express yourself through color & paint. You get to really look at all your plates and how they affect your life. You also get a chance to let go of a few plates and see how you feel with out the extra stress. 

The last workshop in December, we did the Spinning Plates exercise. I had a great group that was very open to exploring all the plates in their life. Putting those plates on canvas with paint and expressing how the plates affected them through colors of their choice just using magic sponges and q-tips.

I loved how open everyone was to share to the group about how they felt after doing the exercise. There was a lot of honesty in the room. Even attendees who didn’t like the way the exercise made them feel were open to sharing their discomfort. Overall many people felt some relief and clarity. And I have to say all the painting were amazing!

What’s great in these workshops everyone is going to express themselves differently. No two paintings are alike, just like our signatures, we all have our own painting stroke. And we choose different colors and shapes to express our emotions.

Thank you everyone who was a part of our December workshop. Looking forward to the next workshop January 29th: Self Expression through Color. 
(Spinning Plates will not be at this workshop, but there will exercises that are just as good.) 
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“Spinning Plates” paintings from Expressive Exchange workshop 12.4.11

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  1. Marcella says:

    Great Blog! Its so exciting to see my "Spinning Plates" painting online! This was my favorite exercise of all the workshops I've been to. I got out some aggression, saw where I should prioritize the many plates in my life, and felt some real relief after expressing myself through the painting. Your workshops are AWESOME! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to do something creative, liberating, relaxing and fun!

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