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March 15, 2013

My first time…many years ago.


Painting for healing was an amazing first time and followed by many other times.

Art for healing unleashed feelings in a whole new way for me. I have had many years of talk therapy. But painting my feelings opened me up in a whole new way.


There were many new experiences. Warming up by connecting a word to a color. The warm-up painting: Having 15 minutes to abstract/free-form paint based on the prompt our facilitator gave us. And then the big signature painting where the big feelings come out. It was never hard. You’d listen to a prompt, pick two colors and paint. You had about a series of seven questions. It was really fun to get into the painting and watch the painting transform through the process.


The paintings were always so surpring what came out of me and of all the other artists. The group sharing was also very beneficial. Great to listen to people be open about what came out of their paintings and it was very helpful to put some words to my paintings.

These paintings still mean alot to me. My therapist has analyzed them, I’ve hung many on my walls and even given some as gifts.

Art touches the world in so many ways. And this is one the best ways I have experienced art.



Thanks for being a part of my expressive exchange.


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