Getting Mentally Fit for the Holidays!

Expressive Exchange’s  second annual gift to the community workshop was a success.

Get Mentally Fit for the Holidays – Releasing Stress through Art Expression allows participants time to let out any stress through paint on canvas using the language of color.

We had a full room of seven lovely artist. Two had experienced Expressive Exchange workshops before and five were open to a brand new experience.

I love when people come back to paint again and love to see and hear the new artists experience this great method of expression through art.

It was a rainy day in Santa Monica. A perfect day to let go, paint and relax. The warm up was “A Painted Sky”. After listening to my prompt of how to describe your own personal sky. Everyone had 15 minutes to paint on canvas using acrylic paints, magic sponges and q-tips. This exercise allowed everyone to get comfortable and be free with the materials and colors. I love that everyone has their own interpretation of their individual sky and all the paintings were so unique and beautiful.

The signature painting in this workshop is “Spinning Plates”. This is a painting that has seven individual prompts that take about two- five minutes for each. The artist’s listen to the prompts, picking two colors and paint. It’s always first thought, best thought. You don’t have a lot of time to think about the question being asked or the colors you choose. This process gives you a chance to really get to what is stressful in your life at that very moment. The entire painting takes about 45 minutes. After the paintings are done we put them at the front of the workshop. The artist have a chance to share on the expreience if they choose.


I love seeing all the paintings and hearing the artists’s experience. It’s truly an amazing experience for all.

Remember we are all artist’s. We have a our own paint stroke, just like a signature. Give yourself a chance to express yourself in a new way. See ya at the next workshop.


Keep in touch to hear about our 2013 workshops! 

 Thanks for being a part of an expressive exchange.

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