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February 25, 2012

Expressive Exchange Spotlight with Angela Parker

Expressive Exchange_workshop

Angela is the most inspiring trainer I’ve ever had. Her motivation for fitness, heath and life gets me up at 5am 3x a week. With the help of her kick in the butt, Expressive Exchange workshops are going again full force. Thank you Angela!!

Here’s a quick excerpt of her experience at an Expressive Exchange workshop: Releasing Stress through Art, last December 2011.

A few weeks ago I did something REALLY different for me. I did art. Let me break this down for you another way… I can do stick figures, very good ones too, with boobs and skirts and shoes. I don’t do art. I doodle.  read full post

If you wanna have an experience like Angela’s sign up for the the next workshop:
Body Expression through Color, on Sunday March 11, 2012
Click here to buy your tickets on Eventbrite

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Thanks for being a part of an expressive exchange.

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