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March 04, 2012

What is expressive exchange?

People ask “What is expressive exchange?”
Here’s what I can tell you about expressive exchange….

Expressive Exchange facilitates workshops that allows you to express yourself through the medium of art. Expressing yourself through the art for healing method. This is not art therapy, but it is an enlightening way to play with paint.

An enlightening way to play with paint is key to expressive exchange workshops.

A 3-hour workshop where you can let go of your every day responsibilities and just be free to express yourself in a new way.

The workshops are designed for participants to express their feelings using the language of color through acrylic paint on canvas. The focus of the workshop is to encourage participants to explore untapped areas of creativity and learn how to process positive and negative emotions with art. Especially designed to inspire creative expression and self awareness.


Just come with an open mind and be ready for new experience.


Click here to register for the next workshop on Sunday, March 11th!

February 25, 2012

Expressive Exchange Spotlight with Angela Parker

Expressive Exchange_workshop

Angela is the most inspiring trainer I’ve ever had. Her motivation for fitness, heath and life gets me up at 5am 3x a week. With the help of her kick in the butt, Expressive Exchange workshops are going again full force. Thank you Angela!!

Here’s a quick excerpt of her experience at an Expressive Exchange workshop: Releasing Stress through Art, last December 2011.

A few weeks ago I did something REALLY different for me. I did art. Let me break this down for you another way… I can do stick figures, very good ones too, with boobs and skirts and shoes. I don’t do art. I doodle.  read full post

If you wanna have an experience like Angela’s sign up for the the next workshop:
Body Expression through Color, on Sunday March 11, 2012
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Thanks for being a part of an expressive exchange.

February 13, 2012

Expressive Exchange has a new home

So excited that Expressive Exchange has a found a great location in Santa Monica for our workshops. And I especially love it that it’s right in my neighborhood.
I ran into this place by accident. Just out enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon with my bulldog and hubbie, having a cappuccino at espresso cielo, and saw the postcard about spaces available right next door. I went right over and it was perfect. It was meant to be.
Our new location is walking distance from the beach. After a nice afternoon of expressing yourself through the language of color you can go for walk down to the ocean.
We had had our first workshop at our new space on Sunday, Jan. 29th and it was a complete success…full of wonderful paintings and sharing. We had another amazingworkshop on March 11th – Body Expression through Color. Every 6 weeks you can experience an expressive exchange!
Expressive Exchange workshop – Body Expression through Color – 3.11.12
Don’t miss the next workshop:
“Paint Your Heart Out”  Sunday, April 29, 2012