Expressive Exchange Testimonials


“What a great workshop – Thanks Debbie Lockie! Your “Happiness Project” is a joy and gift to the world. We really loved Sunday’s workshop!”

~Marcella Jennings, copywriter
Attended Body Expression through Color - 3-11-12

“My final work! I’m proud of it. Because of what it means! I’m also proud I was able to express how I was feeling through art. I will often run, or workout, or just work. But this was a very new way to feel.”

~Angela Parker, Fitness Guru, Body Inspired Fitness
Attended Releasing Stress through Art - 12-4-11

“I HIGHLY recommend this workshop! You get to express yourself with color, check in with your feelings, AND take home several gorgeous, meaningful paintings! An afternoon well-spent.”

~Marcella Jennings, copywriter
Attended Releasing Stress through Art - 12-4-11

“Great blog! It’s so exciting to see my “Spinning Plates” painting online! This was my favorite exercise of all the workshops I’ve been to. I got out some aggression, saw where I should prioritize the many plates in my life, and felt some real relief after expressing myself through  the painting. Your workshops are AWESOME! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to do something creative, liberating, relaxing and fun!”

~Marcella Jennings, copywriter
Attended Releasing Stress through Art - 12-4-11

“I had a great time letting loose with the paints and tools.”

~Darra Brakefield, interior designer
Attended Releasing Stress through Art - 12-4-11

“I love my client Debbie’s passion for art! She’s sharing her favorite medium – painting – at workshops in Santa Monica. All you need to do is reserve a spot and she supplies the creative cues, paint,  and all your supplies. Pre-RSVP on her page – the workshops fill up fast!

~Erin Haslag, wellness coach